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Wild Apricot is a very effective website platform for managing the administrative and communication requirements of an organization offering memberships and hosting events.

It is an excellent online solution because it offers comprehensive functionality, but its complexity can present significant challenges for an organization which usually is managed by a volunteer board comprised of non-technical people who already have a full-time career.

Though appearing rather simple at the outset, many users of Wild Apricot end up struggling to understand and accomplish what is required to successfully implement and administrate their site.

Membership Management Services (MMS) is comprised of professionals with extensive backgrounds in business management, business process design and implementation of technology solutions tailored to the specific needs of each client. Our goal is to eliminate the stress and frustration for each Wild Apricot client by applying our experience and skills to quickly implement a manageable solution to achieve their defined objectives.

Management Team

D. Michael Hammock – CEO

Michael Hammock has been in the business of development and implementation of business technology solutions since the early 80’s.  He has been an entrepreneurial driver in the development of innovative products and solutions within the web industry since the late 90’s.

For over 12 years he oversaw a team of technologist and staff to support over 300 Internet Consultants by providing the products, services, training and support necessary for them to delivery effective solutions to their customers.

He also shares a commitment to building success through a customer focus. “The success of our business is purely dependent on the ability of our customers to deliver value to their members and customers.”

L. Campbell Schutte - Consultant

Cam Schutte founded Internet Solutions Group in 2003 and in 2009 began to focus his web efforts exclusively on Wild Apricot solutions. As a result, he has become an experienced expert in understanding and managing successful Wild Apricot applications.

Combined with his background in business process information systems and project management, he has become a unique resource in the membership management community. With his experience and keen understanding of Wild Apricot, he has become an effective business analyst to help organizations make informed decisions to automate and streamline online membership management.

He has a passionate commitment to customer services and for five years has been working non-stop to support a wide base of membership organizations.

In 2014 his client base was merged into MMS where he continues to participate in a consultant capacity.

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