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It is likely you are visiting our site because you are experiencing frustrations with getting your Wild Apricot website to do what you need. Or you do not have a website that automates or streamlines the administrative management of your organization.

 If so, we should talk.

 Our view is that a website is a business tool that adds value. In the case of Wild Apricot, it should serve the needs of the organization allowing leadership to focus on growing serving the members.

 As web business consultants and designers, your needs drive our actions. So following a process ensures that we stay focused.

  • Step 1. Discovery - Gain a complete understanding of your organization, your frustrations, and the vision you have for a better future.
  • Step 2. Solution - Draft and present a web solution targeted to resolve the needs we have identified.
  • Step 3. Collaborate - with the organization leadership to gain consensus that all concerns have been addressed in our recommendations.
  • Step 4. Build - Building out the Wild Apricot solutions based on the approved design with frequent ‘touch points’ for review and feedback.
  • Step 5. Training - Conduct online administrator training if included in the project.
  • Step 6. Walk-Through - Perform a site walk-through review with you when the project is complemented and ready to launch.
  • Step 7. Launch - Coordinate site launch on your preferred domain.
  • Step 8. Support - Provide ongoing support as agreed.

Exceptional customer support is the cornerstone of our business and 

Our customers are our best advocates.

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