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Wild Apricot can provide a wide range of solution that a feature set that can at time be overwhelming.  Often times, the secret is understanding the product well enough to craft solutions that “fit-into-the-box’. Generally, this approach takes less time (cost) to implement and are easier to manage for ongoing maintenance.

Wild Apricot offers a superb library of articles and resources guides ( to assist in understanding and managing its various features and functions. However, we all learn differently. We frequently find that many of our clients need easy access to live experienced implementation guidance to quickly solve problems and minimize frustrations… especially, in volunteer organizations where leadership is struggling to balance many priorities.

Also, many times the performance of ongoing web maintenance tasks can be overly burdensome to leadership management. As a result membership records, invoices and other data can quickly become out of date and problematic for management of the organization. This is especially true within volunteer organizations where key positions are continually cycling between new members.

Our Membership Audit Service can be particularly valuable. It is very easy for member records and financials to become ‘jumbled’ over time. This service reconciles membership records and the financials of the organization to make sure the records are clean and accurate.  Plus, online coaching and training sessions with internal staff can provide the organizational knowledge and support critical to sound financial management.

Our WebMaster Support Plans can provide solutions to all of these situations. These plans offer the flexibility to purchase bulk hours at discounted rates that can be used for ongoing maintenance, support, training or other tasks to support your Wild Apricot implementation. In addition to discounted rates, these plans provide the flexibility of how the hours are used and can be scheduled at any time within a twelve month period.

WebMaster Support Plans can provide the consistency and continuity from term-to-term that is critical to a stable and effectively managed membership organization.

WebMaster Support Plans

 Package  Hours  One-Time Fee
 Gold  15  $968.00
 Silver  10  $675.00
 Platinum  5  $349.00

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