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We strive to development a long-term partnership as a single-source provider for all of your Wild Apricot web needs. A key founding principal of our team is that “Your success is our success.”

The services and pricing outlined below is intended as a guide to our services and pricing. Please contact us or request a Free Initial Consultation for a more accurate estimate of your needs.

Branding and Design

Your image to the public is extremely important.
Our design professionals can provide a complete look for you.

Per Project

Customized Graphics

Web sites are far more effective when customized graphics are used.  Our design professionals can develop artwork that makes your site special.

Per Project

Site Setup & Template Implementation

This involves setting up the shell of the site without any content.  The components are the header, the menu, the content area, the footer, and the login.

Header: Load the background, logo and any additional text or images.
Menu: Set up the page structure that drives the primary and any secondary menu selections. Adjust colors to match the header background/logo.
Content Area: Create the page layouts needed to accommodate the content.
Footer: Load any text, images, and links needed.
Login: Adjust colors to complement the rest of the site.
Launching the site on the internet is also included.


Page Content Development

Creating the content (text, graphics, photos, layout) for web site pages is the most significant task in the project. For us to understand what to put on the pages requires substantial input from you, by phone and email. The number of pages needed is also a critical factor in our pricing.

Time Required

Membership Database Setup

The solution we implement is a complete Membership Management System. This requires the configuration of 2 databases, the member profile and levels of membership which determine the dues structure and renewal options.

Uploading of members and contacts is an additional service.



Event Calendar Setup

The solution we implement is a complete Event Manager. It has two aspects, initial setup and loading of actual events.  Setting up the functionality is included in our site implementation.  Designing event content and set up of registrations is chargeable.

Time Required

Donations Setup

For organizations that wish to offer an online donation capability.
Provides donation form, online payment, and donor tracking.
Setting up the functionality is included in our site implementation.

Included in
Site Setup

Other Applications

Third-party applications such as a Shopping Cart, an Appointment Scheduler, and an Advertiser Module can be integrated into a site thus increasing its functionality and value.  

Time Required

Administrator Training

If your goal is to maintain your own site, an understanding of the control panel functions is essential. We conduct training online so that the administrator can see exactly how to handle the various applications that have been implemented.  This greatly reduces the learning curve and headaches of maintaining a site.

up to 4
hours in
multiple sessions


Payment Systems Setup

Connecting a site to a secure payment processor like PayPal or can offer some challenges.  We coordinate this process.

Time Required

Site Launch

Taking a site live on the internet requires modification of several settings in your primary domain.  We handle this for you.

Included in
Site Setup

Ongoing Support

Though most of our clients elect to maintain their own site, there are usually situations that come up which require some additional support.
Occasionally clients find that having us do the site maintenance is more cost effective than learning how to do it themselves.
We handle this full range of support needs.

Time Required

Hourly Rate

Our hourly rate is $ 85 per hour. Bulk hours may be purchased through one of our WebMaster Support & Maintenance Packages. Hours may be used at any time within 12 months of purchase. Unused hours will expire at the end of 12 months.

WebMaster Support Packages

 Package  Hours  One-Time Fee
 Gold  15  $968.00
 Silver  10  $675.00
 Platinum  5  $349.00

Locations: Atlanta, Kansas City, Destin & Tucson
Phone: +1 (770) 218-1000

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